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I had the unfortunate encounter of this police department and I've never even been in the area! I had a disagreement with a business in the city and was frustrated they deleted my Facebook comment. So this led to sending me nasty emails to the business for which I apologized later. But they had contacted the police anyways and so it became a case assigned to Officer Steve South. I understand what I did was wrong and that's why it became an issue but the way this police department was purely unprofessional on their part. The officer contacted by email of all things and the tone was downright nasty name-calling me "monster" and "hard core criminal." When I tried to contact the Chief Of Police Arleigh Porter about it he was just as nasty too and for contacting 3 different times over a period of a week because he was not there, he not only didn't call me back but tried to get my local police to charge me with something. Which they didn't. I was polite in all correspondence with these officers but it didn't do any good. They ARE NOT a good police dept and I recommend they be fired. It's no wonder both their wives divorced them.

This small police department is a laughing stock. I wouldn't be surprised if it got sued in a few months. Please re-elect a new Chief of Police - he sucks!

I don't wish to see any comment response. If you are in need of police service call another dept. not this one!


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You are *** people cant take their criminal business to another pd just because they dont like them. sounds like u were the one unprofessional first and if i were u i would hope the pig u named dosent ever run into u.


I still see you still are as crazy as ever Scotty! You off your meds again!


Doesn't matter anymore it's all done and in the past. Whoever posts next, I don't care anymore and neither does my friend Kayla.

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First of all they would not contact the police if you just sent profanity to them.There is nothing illegal about sending profanity, nor would the police be involved if you said you put them out of business.

The only reason they would be involved if you made threats as the ones posted by the "imposter" or similar threats. Your whole story has holes in it as well as the replies. Also for your information, you cannot alter reviews. So you the only person who posted the review was you and you did post that you sent nasty emails.

Even if someoene guessed your password and altered your letter it would show up as update and the date you updated.

Since you are lying about that you are obviously lying about that you probably are lying about the threats you made.Do the adult thing, admit your mistake and you won't have trouble with the police.


This is getting old. The last few replies were not written by IcyCool7227. We know who is doing this too!


The same *** is up to his old tricks again. Where I was kissed was in a courtyard and well, let's just keep the name of the business private.

Kabul, Kabul, Afghanistan #357640

If the person posts again under my name and does not include the name of the business AND - oh let's say where I was when I had my first kiss with a girl and it isn't the right answer, consider it false.

Kabul, Kabul, Afghanistan #357633

FatherOfTriplets, #3 was not written by me, the author of this report. Some dummy thought of a whole paragraph and wrote what they thought happened.

Kabul, Kabul, Afghanistan #357632

This is the real IcyCool7227.It was obviously a big mistake to post to a site like this.

Anyone can post anything without even having an account. The below is completely false and it was made by someone who thought that was funny. It's not even remotely true and there's a spelling error/punctuation error in #3 - I NEVER make those mistakes and ALWAYS spell check. I'm sure that post was made by that woman who was mad at a previous post involving her that I complained about.

There was never any emails about harming anyone.

It was just swear words sent over and over again to a service station, not a store.

What was taken as a thread was my way of saying I would put them out of business and the way of doing that would be to spread the word like this.But...I can see this site was a mistake.


Police departments really stink in the customer service area. I'm sorry this happened to you. What a *** the Chief is!


You must realize that in my experience most police agencies in this country are not only unprofessional but arrogant, corrupt and not to be trusted. So, you criticized a business. Why would you apologize for something you obviously meant?

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